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I’ve had ruptured discs before and I tried pain pills as well as shots in my lower back.  I decided to try Chiropractic after some friends I had met through work told me about their experiences.  I feel much better now; the pain is much better than it has been the past year.” - Scott S.

“I came in for neck pain and terrible headaches.  After care with Dr. DeLaney I feel amazing.  Thank you so much Dr. DeLaney!” – Shannon C.

“My main problem was neck and low back pain. I had tried Tylenol in the past prior to Chiropractic.  After treatments with Dr. DeLaney I feel 100% better.” - Natalie. 

“I had tried therapeutic massage, OTC pain meds, and creams for my neck and shoulder pain, with little help. After receiving great care from Dr. DeLaney I feel wonderful now! I’m so happy my husband, Chris referred me. Thanks, Dr. DeLaney!” – Cassie.

“I woke up with a terrible stiff neck on the right side.  I decided to come to try Chiropractic, and after care with Dr. DeLaney, we’ve gotten it back where I can turn my neck and I don’t have hardly any pain at all. It’s been a great experience. Thanks, Dr. DeLaney!”  - Mike K.

“I came to the office because of terrible low back pain. I feel absolutely fantastic now; he’s done a great job taking care of me. Thank you so much, I’m glad I came!” – Cheryl.

“I came in with neck, shoulder, and headache pain that was causing lack of sleep. Now I’m sleeping better thanks to Dr. DeLaney!” – Mike P.

“I see Dr. DeLaney for neck, right let, and hip pain.  It was so bad I couldn’t hardly sit, go up and down stairs, or in and out of an automobile.  I have tried other chiropractors before.  After treatment with Dr. DeLaney I am almost pain free without taking any medications.  He’s got me back in good shape.  Thank you so much Dr. DeLaney!” – Eileen.

“I have suffered from severe upper and lower back pain for about 10 years. I started coming to the office and the treatment I’ve received here has been extremely beneficial. I look forward to the continued progress that I have experienced. Thank you Dr. DeLaney!” – Patrick.
“I came in for treatment of my low back pain that I’ve experienced for years. Things have worked out quite well. I would recommend anybody coming in for treatment. Thanks, I really appreciate it!” – Robert E.

“Over the years I have tried many different therapies to address my chronic neck and shoulder pain, all of which were met with limited success. Since being treated by Dr. DeLaney, my overall pain level has decreased significantly and I am finally able to perform daily life tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and carrying a purse for much longer periods of time pain free! Thanks, Dr. DeLaney!” – Michaela D.

“I came in for very bad low back pain and leg problems. Dr. DeLaney started treating me and it was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever had. I’m able to walk and I’m totally pain free. I want to thank Dr. DeLaney for all the help he has given me. Thanks Dr. DeLaney!” – Judy S.
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